Praise the Lord! Praise God in his sanctuary; praise Him in His mighty heavens! - Psalm 150 v1

Previous Speakers

Jonathan Aitken

“I recall my visit to “Christian Praise!” as a memorable and magnificent spiritual event. The choir sang with exquisite beauty and the biblical readings were very powerful. I would encourage everyone who hears about this great annual occasion to try and attend it.”

Matt Baggot

“What a fantastic event is “Christian Praise!” It brings together people in celebration of our God who is awesome, powerful yet deeply personal and compassionate – beyond imagination. It is an event of great encouragement and friendship that I’m so pleased to have been involved in previously. The evening is truly uplifting”

Kenny Borthwick

“When I think of “Christian Praise” I do so with joy and laughter. I think of a packed-out event witnessing to the observing world that Christ still matters. I think too of the unity, the whole Christian side batting together with great joy and enormous enthusiasm. 25 not out! Keep going!”

Eric Delve

“Few things are as counter-cultural today as praising God. We’ve been trained to be consumerist in our approach to the Christian Faith. But Praise redirects us to the Living God. Praise which has proclamation as one of the ingredients invokes his presence. Nothing is as powerful to those who are not yet Christians, or to Christians who have lost their way, as the presence of God himself. May “Christian Praise!” long continue to be a powerful witness to the presence of The Most High God.”

Steve Gaukroger

“I remember my visits to “Christian Praise”! with great enthusiasm. Dozens of churches, hundreds of people, all united in praising God and listening to the Bible. A great event demonstrating Christian unity & mission in Leicester!”

Andy Hickford

“A rich heritage of Bible teaching and a focus on mission. I thank God for 25 years of “Christian Praise!” in Leicester”

Gordon Hickson

“Let’s be known as people of Unity, Prayer and Corporate Action. “Christian Praise!” reflects these values which must not be lost. All Christians should value these occasions of standing together shoulder to shoulder, with their friends and relatives, in an atmosphere of faith where the Word of God is proclaimed to a strategic city.”

Jeff Lucas

“We at our best when we are together – and that’s one reason why I believe in the on-going and faithful ministry of “Christian Praise!”. To worship in unison, to have the opportunity to hear and respond to God’s word, and to gather from our tribes and traditions – all of this happens as a result of the ministry of “Christian Praise!”. Long may its ministry continue.”

Hugh Osgood

“”Christian Praise!” is a major venue in the heart of a leading city packed with people keen to praise the Lord and hungry for His Word! I look back on my visit to “Christian Praise!” with a sense of real appreciation. May God bless “Christian Praise!” with many more quarter-centuries!”

Russ Parker

“I well remember the occasion I spoke which was when we introduced prayer ministry at the end of the event. I was still praying with people in the car park until almost midnight! Congratulations upon achieving your 25th anniversary!! Christian Praise is a festival, a heavenly party in which everyone experiences the joy of belonging to Jesus and where many hear the God who loves them saying ‘Welcome home!'”

Other Previous Speakers

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